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Last Thursday my lecturer and friend Tomasz Wlaźlak has defended his PhD thesis „Games as inspirations in art” (original title ,,Gry jako inspiracje w twórczości artystycznej”). Defence of the dissertation and exhibition took place in gallery of modern art - Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej in Toruń (examinations for PhD degree is public in Poland).

The exhibition consist of four arcade games where visitors can play simple games designed by the author. Games are about people known from unusual, superhuman abilities. Gameplay is inspired with iconic classic games like Tapper. Tomasz Wlaźlak asked me to help with programming side of creating these games.

BTW: Here you can find FB page of Tomasz Wlaźlak.


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Technical background

Games are created in Godot (of course) and running on normal PCs. Whole project is quite small (2Kloc total) and simple. Buttons and joysticks are plugged to micro controllers that acts as gamepad from OS perspective. Here you can see WIP video how it works in practise (Sorry for quality)


screen1 screen2 screen3 screen4